22 Foundation was set up not only for Sean however to help other friends or like minded sportsman. We now find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to raise money for Darren Scott who has been critically injured and needs repatriated from Switzerland back into a Scottish Hospital. The extent of his injuries as we know at this point is a broken back, damaged pancreas and internal bleeding. Darren was sitting in the top 3 and was looking strong for a medal finish at the end of the world series.

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Darren Scott

At over 50 years old he was managing to beat the 35 year old plus competitors on his 2nd attempt of this World Enduro Series.

We are looking to raise in the region of £40,000 to cover medical expenses and Air Ambulance. Due to an oversight it turns out Darren’s insurance did not cover Switzerland where he was racing and was injured.

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Sean and Darren starting racing together on the same day in motocross at Pathcondie in 1988 and have remained friends and competitors ever since. This cry for help is going out to Friends, Family, MXers, Scramblers, Mountain Bikers and everyone who would love to help.

We so appreciate any donations and understand times are very tough at the moment.


Thank You!