New initiate promoting safety in sport needs your help

The 22 Foundation, a pop up fundraiser that collected thousands of pounds to aid two top international sportsmen catastrophically injured while competing, has become a full-time organisation to help others – AND IT NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Now known as the 22 Initiative the not-for-profit body is raising funds to assist other injured sportspeople and promote safety, especially among the young, on an ongoing basis.

It aims to primarily help people from less publicised sports – such as motocross, mountain biking, hill running, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, skiing and such like – if something bad happens. It will also actively encourage safety and awareness to prevent devastating injuries.

Sean Doherty - Darren Scott - 22 Initiative

In September 2015 international motocross racer Sean Doherty, suffered life changing injuries during a race in Clackmannanshire which left him paralysed from the chest down.

Family, friends and complete strangers rallied round with a fundraiser, – named in honour of Sean’s race number – to buy the popular sportsman a £12,000 specialist all-terrain wheelchair so he could continue to live as independently as possible.

“When I broke my back I went overnight from being an active sportsman to somebody in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Getting help from the 22 Initiative meant so much more than just the money that was raised,” said Sean.

“The support I was given helped me keep in touch with friends I had known for decades. It gave me a reason to look forward and took some of the stress out of the situation my family suddenly found itself in.

“That was as important for my mental health as anything else,” said Sean who is now backing the 22 Initiative to help other people from minority sports.

“Mainstream activities, like football and rugby, have a lot of financial backing but a lot of free sports are not so well supported by national agencies,” said Sean.

Sean, Loulou and Jordan Doherty

Tragedy struck again in 2021 when mountain bike champion Darren Scott was seriously injured while competing in a world championship event in Switzerland.

The 50-year-old suffered two broken ribs, injuries to his back and pancreas and internal bleeding who led to a clot forming in his chest.

Within days of an appeal being launched more than £20,000 was raised to help bring Darren back to Scotland and aid his recovery.

“It meant so much to me to get help from people, many of them strangers, after I was injured in Switzerland. It’s time to try and give something back, to pay it forward and help others,” said Darren, who is a five time Scottish Motocross Champion and winner of the Scottish Open Championship and Scottish Series Championship. He was also fourth in the World Mountain Bike Championship.

Darren Scott - Check

“The 22 Initiative is keen to support safety in sport and, if necessary, help injured individuals who need specialist assistance,” said Darren.

Now, the 22 Initiative needs help to raise enough funds to be proactive instead of reactive and to help athletes from less publicised sports, as it did for Sean Doherty and Darren Scott. 

We would love to be able to be in the position to have enough initial funds to be able to help the individual right away while we run a fundraiser for them.

People can find out more about the 22 Initiative and how to help by visiting or contacting